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akcpetinsurance.com has a rating of 3 stars from 5 Reviews, showing most of the customers are happy with their purchases
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Pros And Cons
  • Easy to use website
  • Trusted as the exclusive pet insurance partner of the American Kennel Club
  • 24x7 veterinary support
  • No Enrollment Fees
  • There had been several reports about not getting claims
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3 stars based on 5 Reviews

Thomas Twitty

By thoroughly describing what each add-on option covered, Kat assisted me in determining whether or not I required pet insurance. I stated that this was my first time having pet insurance, and she went over the procedure for filing claims. I felt satisfied that my pet's requirements were being met after our talk. extremely polite and amiable.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Leroy Dinwiddie

My AKC pet insurance has made me quite pleased and contented. My English bulldog, who is now 6 months old, had his eyes surgically repaired. He started to have cherry eye. He was in pain and frequently visited an eye doctor. Within two days, my insurance answered and reimbursed 80% of my claim. I'd heartily suggest AKC pet insurance. They always issue an EOB so you can see what was paid, and they are quite professional. Many thanks
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Stewart Holmes

Recently, we expanded our household to include two dogs, and we insured them both. But when we combined their plans, I was really perplexed because they were months apart and I was new to the world of pet insurance. Michaela was really helpful when I called, assisted me in combining the puppy plans, and even advised me on how to best insure them. When the draughts left my account, I was once more perplexed. I sent Michaela an email, and once more she responded right away and explained everything in great detail. I am incredibly grateful for her support, tolerance, and understanding as we begin the process of insuring our purebred children.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Alfred Davidson

after reading through all of the comments here. One question, please. These had their claim denied because the injuries were brought on by pre-existing conditions. You do, however, assert that you are "the only insurance plan that covers preexisting conditions" on your website. Sounds unsettling!
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Curtis Franklin

terrible service and compensation! The most awful encounter ever Avoid utilising AKC insurance. Four years of premiums and a tiny $21.80 reimbursement for the one claim that was accepted. Time and money wasted.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

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