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The background for AlgeTeknik is knowledge of how to best and most effectively kill and remove algae and moss. With the technique they use, they are sure of a quick and efficient solution to the task. So make sure they can do it with a GUARANTEE OF EFFECTIVENESS. Over time, they have refined the technique and gradually expanded their services, so that today they include both roof algae treatment, tile algae treatment and facade algae treatment, as well as gutter cleaning. The mechanical cleaning is provided by the tile and facade cleaning. Impregnation of concrete surfaces is offered today in all three areas, roof, tiles and facade and with such great effect that they do it with a 15 YEAR WARRANTY.

Contact :

Phone : 24 45 19 89

Email : [email protected]

Address : AlgeTeknik ApS Engsnarren, 4, 5250 Odense SV