The Review And Analysis of

How Our Review System Works?

  • We look for Customers’ feedback on the various review websites and social platforms.
  • Check Website’s  Authenticity and Authority- (Google Page Rank, On-Page SEO Factors, Social Media Engagement)
  • User Experience(UI)
  • Look for the “S” in HTTPS
  • Check for the website privacy policy
  • Find their contact information
  • Verify their trust seal
  • Scan For malware on their website


Website owner said:

“I’m Sergey and I make a living in the “hosting” world! I’ve done web hosting, VPS hosting, game server hosting, etc.. I got into Ark: Survival Evolved while it was still in early release, and hosted a server for my friends and I on my computer. They got annoyed because they couldn’t log in while I was asleep, so I did what I always do in these situations: I rented some data center space! But that left me with a large bill to pay, so I thought I’d spread the cost out by hosting some Ark servers for other people!

Maybe you could be one of them!

I hope you like my service! If you don’t, I’d love to hear from you at [email protected]! I’ll gladly give you your money back, or maybe I can fix it and make it better for everyone!”



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