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3.5 stars based on 6 Reviews


Dear Suppliers and Fellow Businesses,We are writing to share a cautionary notice regarding our recent experience with a company named Art in Voyage.As a supplier based in Australia, we were engaged by Art in Voyage to provide a vehicle and chauffeur service. However, despite fulfilling our obligations, Art in Voyage has failed to honor their payment commitments to us.We wish to alert you to this situation to ensure transparency and to prevent any potential negative impact on your business. It is important to exercise caution when considering engaging with Art in Voyage until this matter is resolved.While we understand the challenges that can arise in business transactions, all parties need to uphold their financial responsibilities. Unfortunately, Art in Voyage's failure to fulfill their payment obligations has left us with no choice but to take this action to protect our interests and inform our industry colleagues.We urge you to carefully consider the potential risks before entering into any agreements or transactions with Art in Voyage. We believe it is our responsibility to share this information with our fellow suppliers and businesses in the interest of maintaining integrity and fairness within our industry.Thank you for your attention to this matter. We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate through this situation.
Apr 11,2024 Flag

Kian Sutton

We had a great time. Kevin is a great tour leader. I began to plan our next journey with Art In Voyage.
Mar 10,2022 Flag

Sam Woods

Our trip was fantastic! Our driver/guide was great, and all theproperties were beautiful, with friendly staff. For future travel, I would check with AIV.
Mar 10,2022 Flag

Zak Stewart

They did an excellent job organizing our trip. Our guide took care of every detail on the tour, and the pre-trip information package was quite useful. It was a Hakuna Matata safari for sure!
Mar 10,2022 Flag

Alexis Richardson

It could not have gone better! Amazing sites, great cuisine, great company, and a great host. I can't wait for the next adventure.
Mar 10,2022 Flag

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