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4.63 stars based on 6 Reviews

Martin Shelton

Biblio is where I go to find books that I can't always get elsewhere. It's simple to explore and buy books. I normally only buy older books, and there are likely to be a lot of them to choose from on Biblio.
Mar 30,2022 Flag

Trent Avila

I wasn't just able to obtain a difficult-to-find book, but it was also precisely described and delivered promptly!
Mar 30,2022 Flag

Alberto Park

Biblio is the top online marketplace for used books! You have access to a large number of independent bookshops. It's always simple to discover the book you want at a reasonable price, and you understand your cash is spent directly to a retailer.
Mar 30,2022 Flag

Jenson Lloyd

For 1/2 the value of a new book, you can get a "used" test preparation book in perfect shape. It was a simple process, and I would use Biblio once more and suggest it to friends!
Mar 30,2022 Flag

Max Butler

I've been really pleased with the books I've ordered from Biblio. I only order stuff with actual photographs so that I can see how well they are kept, and I have yet to be disappointed. Thanks.
Mar 30,2022 Flag

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