About Bitproit:

Bitpro will come to your GPU mining farm, handle payment, disassembly, and packing Sell your used cryptocurrency mining rigs, graphics cards (GPU), processors (CPU), solid-state drives (SSD), RAM (computer memory) motherboards, and other common mining peripherals. Recover liquid capital to fuel your next venture. We will buy your used GPU mining equipment at a competitive price and repurpose it or dispose of it in a secure, environmentally friendly manner. Sell your GPUs in bulk to help you save valuable time and provide for an immediate, effortless return on your hardware investment. If you are looking to sell a single card or component, our service is likely not for you: check out our guide on selling a single card, instead.


Address: Bitpro Consulting, 10 Technology Drive, Unit 3 Setauket, NY 11733

Email: [email protected]