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Pros And Cons
  • Helpful and extensive support agent
  • Quick response to any queries
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional work
  • Many reports about delayed refund
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4.67 stars based on 6 Reviews

Fine service!
Mar 21,2022 Flag

Sapphire Greer

Dealing with one person in connection is always a pleasure for me. He's always been a pleasure to work with, and we've always had terrific flights at reasonable costs. However, flights at a decent cost and with acceptable connections have been tough to come by recently.
Mar 21,2022 Flag

Jean Decker

Cook Travel did an excellent job organizing our trip to New Zealand. Unfortunately, Air Modern Zealand had to rent a jet for our return flight that isn't as new as the one we had originally booked.
Mar 21,2022 Flag


My questions were answered quickly. For most of my flights, they frequently locate the perfect combination at the lowest price.
Mar 21,2022 Flag

Benjamin Ray

Cook Travel has indeed provided excellent service for my global and domestic travel needs.Cook Travel's Fabrizio has been fantastic in researching and finding the finest possibilities to fulfil my wish list. International flights have long been available in Business Class at reasonable prices.
Mar 21,2022 Flag

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