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daily-harvest.com has a rating of 3.1 stars from 5 Reviews, showing most of the customers are happy with their purchases and will recommend them
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  • Good Quality Food
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  • Poor User Experience
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3.1 stars based on 5 Reviews

Euan Read

The quality is superb. I experienced a problem with an order and contacted customer service. They absolutely and completely solved all of my concerns. 15/10
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Chase Spencer

I've been ordering the Daily-Harvest smoothies and other items. There has always been excellent delivery and high-quality stuff. Daily-Harvest is one of my favorites.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Remy Sharp

It was simple to place an order, and I was able to choose my own food. The cuisine is fantastic! The portions are quite large. The Bites are a must-have. They're small but filling snacks. I would never have tried so many vegetables on my own, but they've all been delicious.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Nathan Wilson

It was a waste of money. The food is disgusting. I now have a freezer stuffed with food I'll never consume. I tried numerousmeals in the hopes of changing my mind, but none of them were good.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Remy Elliott

Daily Harvest provides delicious plant-based meals. I enjoy how simple and quick it is to prepare the cuisine.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

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