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  • Very decent quality products
  • Occasional discount on products
  • Satisfied customer base
  • Easy to use website
  • Poor refund policy
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3 stars based on 5 Reviews

Brigham Sharp

An incredible change has taken place. I was initially concerned that it wouldn't be the best diet for my way of living. As we continue to prepare for our first half marathon, he is in incredible form. We appreciate the high-quality dog food you provide and the flexible delivery times.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Harper Mullins

This is really good stuff. I began the gradual transition as advised, but after the second day I had to complete it because they had stopped eating the science diet food and would only eat raw food from Darwin. I am hopeful that this may help one of my cats who has severe IBD, but even if it doesn't, it's still worthwhile because it's better for them and they have more energy.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Ed Hutchinson

Darwins are adored by Our Great Pyrenees. We tried numerous commercial kibble and canned diets when we initially acquired her as a puppy, but she was often ill and required frequent trips to the doctor for ear infections, allergies, and other conditions. She started to shine once we switched her entirely to Darwins Naturals, and we stopped having to pay the vet. She is already 85 pounds at the age of 10 months, making the cost of a raw diet worthwhile. We've received excellent customer service from Darwins. The online autoship system is excellent, but remember to set a reminder for when your subsequent order is scheduled to ship, as it is your obligation to adjust it if necessary. Darwin's is appreciated for providing high-quality raw food. We won't purchase from anyone else.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Pierce Armstrong

Excellent meal, but incredibly poor service. I'd like to see a managerial change! Please send in a team of experts that are knowledgeable in their field.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Theodora Long

When our older cat was about 6 months old and our younger kitten was about 4 months old, we moved our two cats from being homemade-raw fed to Darwin's. They definitely adore the food, and Darwin's is far less expensive than monthly wet food purchases or cooked raw beef-based meals for them. I wish everyone were aware of the advantages of raw feeding and how practical it may be.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

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