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4.1 stars based on 5 Reviews

Dennis Mason

David was an amazing tour guide, and we will never forget him!! Both Little Governors Camp and Lewa were fantastic!! I can't say enough good things about you:)
Mar 09,2022 Flag

Emmanuel Murphy

One of the most incredible life experiences I've ever had. Everything was perfectly prepared, and everydetail was properly executed. There were no problems travelling during Covid, and the reduced crowds nearly made it better.
Mar 09,2022 Flag

Reece Byrne

It was an amazing experience! Nathan was a great Tanzanian guide, both informed and pleasant. All the campgrounds were great, and the guides were even better!
Mar 09,2022 Flag

Benjamin Johnson

The entire team was amazing. They took care of every detail and requirement. I'm going to tell everyone about them. They've been my go-to all trips! 5 out of 5 stars!!!
Mar 09,2022 Flag

Alan Porter

In a word, outstanding! From making the arrangements to getting us ready for the vacation, everything went smoothly. The guides were excellent, the lodgings were fantastic, and the area itself was beautiful! A once-in-a-lifetime adventure! I couldn't have asked for anything more!
Mar 09,2022 Flag

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