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Pros And Cons
  • Affordable Prices
  • Good User Experience
  • Decent Customer Support
  • Great UI Interface
  • Poor in Delivery
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2.55 stars based on 5 Reviews

Drew Burton

They are a complete rip-off. The food was never delivered, and the restaurant claimed that it was on its way but subsequently did not have the order. As a result, they could be misleading the restaurants. The order came from Philadelphia's Square on Square.
Mar 14,2022 Flag

Gene Saunders

This company has yet to deliver a correct or timely order. If you call for assistance, you will be connected to a customer service center in another country. They either can't or won't help you solve your problem.
Mar 14,2022 Flag

Kai Jackson

The WORST of all the shipping alternatives is They are always at least a half-hour late. I'm not blaming the drivers,instead, I'm blaming the service.
Mar 14,2022 Flag

Danny Mcdonald

They are scammers. My money was taken, but my food was not delivered. They also misled me about the delivery of my food. This is a company that you should never order from. They are true scammers.
Mar 14,2022 Flag

Cory Campbell

Use this service at your own risk - it's an SCAM!!!!! My card was charged, but my order was never picked up or delivered. I called Customer Service and waited for ten minutes!
Mar 14,2022 Flag

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