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This company has a rating of 3.64 stars from 7 Reviews, showing most of the customers are happy with their purchases and will recommend them
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  • Several people complain about overcharging
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3.64 stars based on 7 Reviews


This company is definitely a scam. I booked 2 tickets for a total of around $400. I received the confirmation email, and then shortly after received a phone call stating that price is actually no longer available (after I'd already received the confirmation) and that I now needed to pay $800 and owed them more money. I told them that is double the price and to cancel my order. Next day I get a phone call saying I needed to confirm my flight details and when I said I wanted to cancel, I was told I owed them a cancellation fee. I said I had paid insurance to cancel, which they denied. I told them I had proof in my confirmation email, and then they conceded but still said I owed a fee. Upon further research I found this is a scam and left a negative review. Immediately I received a phone call from the company asking me to take down the review, and they would waive the cancellation fee (which I already paid in my initial purchase!). The person was insistent and rude, and tried to pressure me. I ultimately hung up.Tonight at 8pm I received a phone call from the company. Since it was late and I recognized the number, I did not answer. They then called 4 times back to back, without leaving a voicemail. I have a feeling they will be calling me again.... Definitely a bait and switch scam.
Sep 01,2023 Flag

Jane A.

I booked a flight in early June. I tried to cancel it because my father's surgery has been postponed and I bought the refundable booking fee but my request was "closed." I have sent several online inquiries and no one responds. When I do get to speak to someone, they are less than helpful. I regret my decision and will never entertain the thought of using them again.
Jul 05,2022 Flag

Diksha Mehra

I used this website for the first time to purchase flight tickets for a family vacation; the experience was fantastic, the costs were reasonable, and the employees were quite helpful. I would strongly advise everyone to see this website.
Mar 22,2022 Flag

Chase Chandler

I was grateful to Mike and the rest of the staff for ensuring that it was all done safely and reliably. They did an outstanding job.
Mar 22,2022 Flag

Melvin Fisher

When looking for the best flights on Momondo, I came upon Flights Mojo. Flights were booked at the perfect time and at the cheapest costs. Darren Smith phoned to confirm the details and inform me that everything was in order and that I always receive information from Delta later that afternoon. When I didn't see it, I contacted Darren, who immediately got to work. After reading some negative reviews, I was a little concerned, but everything worked out perfectly, and the service and discounts were fantastic! I'd use them again if I needed to make a reservation.
Mar 22,2022 Flag

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