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4.48 stars based on 5 Reviews


The Chris Reeve Sebenza I was seeking for was available at I ordered it immediately before it was gone, and it came at my door within a few days. Excellent service and packing.Thank you,
Apr 01,2022 Flag


Overall, extremely excellent. My sole criticism is that your method for notifying customers when an article or knife is "now in stock" did not function for this CR item. It has worked for me in the past, but not this time.
Apr 01,2022 Flag


I was upset since I purchased a Hinderer knife that stated it was in stock, received confirmation, and then received a phone call stating it was not in stock but they had the same knife just with a different colour handle, so I accepted it from them and received it pretty quickly. They were quite pleasant to work with, and I plan to do business with them again in the future. As for Hinderer knives, I adore them, but this is my second one, and both would scarcely cut paper, being extremely dull, but I was able to sharpen them with my wicked edge sharpener.
Apr 01,2022 Flag


I'd give this knife a 5.0 +, however the flipper mechanism is a little difficult to engage. Maybe it's because I'm growing older (75), but it needs a significant downward shove to open. With that in mind, I'll give the knife a 5.0 +, and the service should receive twice as many stars. Keep up the good effort, gentlemen.
Apr 01,2022 Flag


This is a lovely knife. The quality is outstanding. The action was the reason I couldn't give it 5 stars. The blade washers needed a lot of effort before I could flip them open with the thumb stud. For the price, I would expect it to be ready to go. In a few more hours of fidgeting, I'll be there.
Apr 01,2022 Flag

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