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  • Customer service is not up to the mark
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2.25 stars based on 1 Reviews


I obtained my car insurance through Mexipass from AIG. All was fine until I had a accident. I was not at fault biut neither Mexipass or AIG would tell methe name of the insurance company for the rental car that hit me, and after several month of pure conflict used my policy to pay the claim, teamed up with a repair shop that only fixed the cosmetic damage, not the mechanical issues, and stole my catalytic converter while they were supposed to fix my car. Then AIG stole the money from my bank account to pay for the rental car that was included in my policy. Without Mexipass I would have never been involved with such theives. I depended on them to provide insurance from a reputable company. I would give them a -10 if I could.
Apr 25,2023 Flag

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