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misterbandb.com has a rating of 4.2 stars from 5 Reviews, showing most of the customers are happy with their purchases and strongly recommend them to others
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Pros And Cons
  • Mostly positive user experience
  • Hospitable and kind support team
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Quick Payments
  • Cancellation policy is not great
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4.2 stars based on 5 Reviews


I had a great time with Mister BandB! It's comforting to know that I can have a more distinctive journey in a queer-friendly environment. Having had some horrific travel previous experience, its something I value greatly, and I'm grateful I discovered it ahead of some of my important travels so I could fully utilise it. I had a great time and will definitely use them again!
Mar 22,2022 Flag

Dai Brice

The procedure proceeded relatively smoothly. For a few of weeks, my first choice did not answer. They had apparently moved and neglected to remove the advertisement. I ended up in a decent place with a maybe nicer host!
Mar 22,2022 Flag

Abbott Malcom

Misterb&b provides excellent service. Palmi was extremely helpful and walked me through the sign-up process to ensure that my listing was correct and that I could begin hosting immediately.
Mar 22,2022 Flag

Colin Aguilar

Overall, my stay at Jay's place was fantastic. It's a nice house in a nice area. For our stay, we were close to a lot of stuff. Jay was so nice and helpful.
Mar 22,2022 Flag

Basil Bond

It was a wonderful stay. Once we're there, it feels like home, and we're treated like family. I will undoubtedly return. This is a fantastic place to stay. It's lovely to wake up to the sound of roosters and birds chirping. The delightful breezes across the bedroom aren't captured in the photos or description, and the large size of the apartment where we stayed was a nice surprise. Brian, Elaine, Lawrence, and Steve were among the employees/guests we met, and we were cordial on a first-name basis. We were made to feel quite welcome, and we intend to stay in touch shortly. The location is ideal for getting to where we needed to go.
Mar 22,2022 Flag

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