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  • Helpful and knowledgeable agents
  • Satisfied customer base
  • Arranges trips for reasonable pricing
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4.4 stars based on 5 Reviews

Ranjan Pradhan

Great website. Will come back for more surely!
Mar 24,2022 Flag

Valda Kemp

Everything was really well organized. It was only a matter of showing up. We enjoyed where we lived and all of our safaris. If I were to be on the next safari, I would choose Mowgli Expeditions without hesitation.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

Denton Wagner

We observed many facets of Indian culture, from little towns to large metropolis. Wild animals, jackals, and mongoose are among the animals that can be seen. I saw 144 different bird species, and my favourites were thekingfishersas well asmacaws. And don't forget about the woodpeckers! The kingfishers, too! Everything about the trip was fantastic, from the local cuisine to the lodges and all of the National Parks.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

Felicia Oliver

The journey to Tanzania, Africa, was fantastic. A journey to Africa is highly recommended if you want to view animals in their native settings.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

Emerson Frazier

We can't really say enough nice things about Sanjay and Mowgli Expeditions, who took us to Guatemala. The forest, ruins, river crossing, and beach were all part of the 10-day birding tour.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

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