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4 stars based on 5 Reviews

Lois Ortega

We appreciate your fantastic items and first-rate customer support. In the spring of 2020, after a 10-year search to make my pit dog desire to eat, I finally found the snuffle mat. Despite my best efforts, he would frequently walk away and refuse food until he felt sick. I came found the snuffle mat while I was in quarantine and assumed it couldn't hurt. It turned out to be the first step in resolving the puzzle my vet and I have been attempting to solve for years. It was miraculous. It was magical to witness our elderly man-eating and enjoying himself at last! The snuffle mat is required for our infant pit bull for a different purpose.He is a food vacuum and a parvo survivor, which has made the problem worse and caused him to eat so quickly that he vomit up his food every day. He is able to eat his meal safely thanks to the snuffle mat. I also have the food-guarding chi-weenie. Due to the puppy pit, this has been a really troublesome situation. He required mental activity to fight the temptation to guard his food, which the snuffle mat gave him. A full stomach makes him considerably happier. These are of exceptional quality, whether you're looking for a solution or just want to give your dog a little more brain exercise. The snuffle mat has gone camping numerous times and is often employed. It barely appears used. highly suggestable
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Len Arnold

The snuffle mat is sturdy, deceitfully conceals a lot of kibble, slows down picky eaters and allows them to forage, is small enough to travel with us, and is simply cleaned by throwing it in the laundry every two weeks.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Rowan Peters

Even though my snuffle mat arrived later than expected, I received a response to my enquiry within 24 hours, a little rebate (thank you), and personal updates on the status of my order from the time I enquired until I received the snuffle mat.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Maynard Peay

From the beginning to the end, Paw5's customer service was outstanding. Without a doubt, I would place another order with them.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Elvira Maldonado

With Rosie, the snuffle mat has been a tremendous hit. She relishes the task of tracking down every treat. She scoops it up and carries it like a victory flag once she is certain that she has them all!
Jul 12,2022 Flag

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