About QdroDesk :

QdroDesk™ provides Family Law Attorneys and Clients with the most effective method of QDRO preparation in the industry. They eliminate lengthy delivery periods and improve accuracy with instant online document creation. With QdroDesk™ you print and/or download your QDRO from your own computer, along with the appropriate settlement agreement language and processing instructions. We are delivering the same quality product they have for over 20 years through this proprietary online software, and they back all of their QDROs with a guarantee of plan approval.

QdroDesk’s mission is to provide a superior QDRO. What does that mean for you? They deliver a QDRO that not only complies with federal and state laws, conforms to plan guidelines, and is executable by the court but, most importantly, implements the provisions of the parties’ PSA/MSA. In other words, you will have a QDRO that does everything you need it to do. They make the QDRO part of divorce easy! Learn More.


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