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About Dewelpro:

8 Months Allergy-FREE Superior Protection Against FLEAS & TICKS Without Toxic Chemicals for LESS Than $2.49/mo with DEWELPRO Flea and Tick Collar. DEWELPRO.COM was born out of love and care towards the furry babies. Their innovative flea collars are to improve their quality of life with just a simple vision: FLEA & TICK FREE WITH ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. Founded in 2019 by Abdelhak Hacht, DEWEL™ PRO has a reputation for being the most effective yet affordable natural flea collar on the market. They offer an affordable treatment for pet owners looking for a natural, safe, effective collar that will protect their beloved pets against fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months with zero side effects. That’s because they just won’t go near toxins! They are obsessed about the products they stock. They research every ingredient. DEWEL™ PRO flea and tick collar uses 100% organic ingredients, unlike chemical-filled collars and treatments that kill parasites using harmful toxins, DEWEL™ PRO relies on natural ingredients to keep fleas and ticks at bay by paralyzing their senses.

Ingredients like citronella oil and cedarwood essential oil act as natural repellents while also increasing circulation and nourishing skin. Lemon eucalyptus and lavender provide antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that protect dogs while healing and nourishing the skin. Both humans and pets never have to worry about the skin rashes, allergic reactions or neurological effects that are so commonly linked to traditional flea and tick treatments.


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Email: [email protected]

Phone: (307) 323-2334

Address: 34 N Franklin Ave Ste 687, 1739, 82941, Pinedale, United States


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