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3.45 stars based on 5 Reviews

Mell Burton

Although the whiskey is a little too sweet, it pairs well with club soda. Although the gin doesn't make a particularly good martini, I'm sure it'll work well in a gimlet or gin & tonic. I'll absolutely order both of these items again.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Carmen Russell

The flavor was bad, and it left a bad aftertaste. I was very excited, however it did not live up to my expectations. The delivery tracing mechanism also left more to be desired.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Jaime Spencer

The ordering and delivery processes are both excellent. This was the second time we had placed an order. While I don't like for any of the drinks on their own, they're fantastic in cocktails. Actually, I prefer the gin alternative to gin. Thank you for a great product.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Billie Collins

Here's to good health and sharing healthy alternatives to alcoholic beverages with family and friends during cocktail hour! Cheers!!!
Mar 17,2022 Flag

Blake Allen

I like the concept, however the execution was missing. The tequila alternative was too peppery for me. It'd be fantastic in a Bloody Mary or anything else that calls for mezcal. I'm not going to try the others because these bottles aren't cheap.
Mar 17,2022 Flag

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