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  • Decent Quality
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  • Poor Customer Support
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3.15 stars based on 5 Reviews

Jamie Davidson

They will not accept your credit card if you order online. I tried it several times with a variety of cards. Now that I'm done with them, I can say that their customer service is terrible.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Brice Harris

It's a fantastic 45 calorie chocolate bar. In the future, I'd like to try other tastes. I'd be looking for sugar-free, low-calorie candy.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Danni Jones

I joined up for the trial and immediately fell in love with the flavour. I am a big fan of the "try before you purchase" approach. Every other month, a new taste is sent! It's ideal for the holidays and my family.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Blake Watts

The dark chocolate pieces were in the bag I received, and they were in perfect condition! It was silky smooth and delicious! I'll be looking at getting some more!
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Bret Allen

Milk chocolate pieces with no added sugar that taste great. I'll buy it again, and I'm hoping to find it in stores locally.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

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