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Stop Drinking Expert offers an alternative to embarrassing twelve step group meetings, expensive inpatient treatment centers and ineffective willpower.

Our approach to treating alcohol addiction is to start with the subconscious conditioning that has gradually built up around the drug. Often addicts are only told that they have an alcohol use disorder and must never drink again.

The problem with this abrupt form of ‘treatment’ is the client remains psychologically anchored to using alcohol as a coping mechanism and as a tool to help alleviate negative emotional states.

The Stop Drinking Expert method helps the problem drinker to understand what is driving their need to drink. With a better understanding of the internal battle being fought the client has a better foundation to attack the addiction.

Thought field therapy, time line therapy, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming is then used to help the drinker handle any cravings for alcohol during the process.

While not suitable for chronic alcoholism cases that require long-term inpatient medical supervision. For individuals starting to see the severe negative consequences of using alcohol on a daily basis. The Stop Drinking Expert how to stop drinking program is highly effective and highly rated around the world.

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