About Subhan Law Office, LLC:

Subhan Law walks you through the entire visa or green card process, step-by-step, using short and simple on-demand videos. First, you’ll learn which documents you need to gather to file your application. They’ll help you avoid one of the most common mistakes of filing without the proper documentation.

Subhan Law will handle all the paperwork for you. No need to stress over the complicated immigration forms. They’ve got all the paperwork covered to have peace of mind. First, you’ll gather all your documents. Next, you’ll upload them to your secure client portal. Then you’ll receive a simple online questionnaire to complete. You’ll complete the questionnaire at your convenience. Lastly, they’ll review all your documents and prepare your application for your signatures.

You get the confidence of working with a top-rated immigration attorney who will review all of your materials and answer any questions you have — for no additional fee! You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands – Attorney Subhan was awarded Best Immigration Lawyer 2018-19 by Expertise.com.


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