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  • Top notch service
  • Knowledgeable support team
  • Easy to use website
  • Insurance policies are not clear
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2.75 stars based on 1 Reviews

They are a scam! I really regret having chosen this insurance, as we had an emergency with my daughter (although not life-threatening), and I called them as soon as I arrived at the hospital, informed them all day long about what procedures were done, and when I sent them the invoices they responded that I hadn't respected their contract (you know, these 50 pages contracts they know nobody reads) and should have called them before even doing anything, which obviously I didn't know, and I really called them from the entry of ER so it's really too easy to escape their obligations this way. I really recommend others looking for an insurance to look elsewhere, this one is not trustworthy and will always find a way to not reimburse you.
Jul 14,2022 Flag

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