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  • Easy to order
  • Positive user feedbacks
  • Extensive customer support
  • Quality of the product isn't up to the mark
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3.65 stars based on 5 Reviews

Felicia Mcgee

The second dog of oursis a rescue that makes an excellent tracker and is SIM-card-free. Fantastic software, as well. We found another as two dogs and two trackers on flea bay.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Roderick Rice

Since I bought it two years ago, I have been quite happy with it. Although I would prefer a better design because it is a little bulky on the collars, my dogs don't seem to notice, so I'm good. I'd want to acquire an additional module (I recently added a second dog) and extra replacement straps in case we lose any. My only gripe is that there doesn't seem to be a simple way to accomplish this on their website. I called customer service, but I never heard back. I'm attempting to purchase your goods with my hard-earned money, but I can't just click a button to do it. Why is that? Why isn't the website home to these replacement parts? It seems like something really basic.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Kevin Spencer

When and only when I am able to communicate with a live person about replacing components, I will write about how I truly feel. There seems to be only virtual customer service at this time. It's dubious.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Nathaniel Savage

I removed my four-year-old Findsters while teaching my younger, two-year-old miniature schnauzer to respond to the call. Updated software without a hitch and charged the tag and the guardian. The tools retrieved a precise aerial of my 31 properties so that we could work on both close and far distances. Very calm when teaching new commands.
Jul 12,2022 Flag

Diana Ruiz

I adore Findster. reliable and efficient. I used it to locate my dog, and it was such a relief to find him. I'm very glad I bought it!
Jul 12,2022 Flag

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