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4.4 stars based on 5 Reviews

Louise Freedman

These people appear to be the only travel provider that is actively attempting to assist customers at this moment. I attempted to organize and book a lengthy Hawaii anniversary trip myself, but the agents I contacted were neither responsive or helpful. Given everything, it's understandable, but thanks to a referral, I was able to contact VIP, who were able to choose a lovely Hawaii hotel, communicate with them personally on our behalf, and arrange for extras like a glass of booze and a private meal for the occasion.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

Joy Simonds

We recently returned from a fantastic trip with VIP Traveler. During the registration process as well as during our trip, VIP Traveler met all of our expectations. We were treated like VIPs. We travelled to the Maldives and Dubai with VIP but also received numerous excursions and incentives simply by booking with them. VIP genuinely gives you more value for your money.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

Winston Langstaff

It was a great experience to be a VIP Traveler. With a coupon purchased through this company, our family of multiple generations had a terrific experience in the Dominican Republic.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

Ed Burton

Excellent service from VIP Traveler. They answered all of our queries, from where to go to what to do to pass the time. Phuket was fantastic. I had the option of relaxing by the beach or doing anything I pleased. Exceptional service in every way.
Mar 24,2022 Flag


The VIP Traveler app is fantastic. My partner and I used them to plan our honeymoon, and we had a fantastic experience. They are really dependable and accommodating in every way. Thank you for assisting us in having the honeymoon of our dreams.
Mar 24,2022 Flag

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