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Pros And Cons
  • Simple analytics but deep insights
  • Real-time video playbacks of users’ journey
  • Ease of Integration and Customization
  • Free plan available
  • Not very great customer support
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4.65 stars based on 5 Reviews

Doran Doyle

The tools Watch Them Live provides will help you better understand your audience, and it is simple to use. The session records are extremely trustworthy and record each and every user interaction. And one aspect of this programme that I enjoy is that the amount of sessions for the free plan is not as constrained as with some other solutions.
Jul 09,2022 Flag

Myra Cobbett

amazing device extremely simple to use Watch Them Live meets all of our requirements and aids with website optimization for improved user experience. The session records are amazing; on our website, we can see what's actually happening. The heatmaps are also quite useful. Knowing which areas of your website receive the most clicks is fantastic.
Jul 09,2022 Flag

Jillian Haynes

The moment you run Watch Them Live, this will begin gathering information. I can observe how users engage with my website and identify the most interesting material. The programme is incredibly user-friendly, and it's simple to add team members so that everyone can access the information.
Jul 09,2022 Flag

Bentley Middleton

We used the WatchThemLive services to resolve the CR problem for our domain, Heatmaps and sessions replays, two of its most impressive capabilities, helped us identify the reasons why customers bounced and make fast corrections.
Jul 09,2022 Flag

Damon Flowers

It works well with Shopify Store. Their customer service is excellent. With this program, a simple UI may be created. Customers of Shpoify's bugs were fixed. This app has decreased my drop-offs and increased my sales.
Jul 09,2022 Flag

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