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wrawp.com has a rating of 3.65 stars from 5 Reviews, showing most of the customers are happy with their purchases and will recommend them
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  • Decent Customer Service
  • Good in Quality
  • Easy to Navigate the Website
  • Fair Pricing
  • Poor Shipping
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3.65 stars based on 5 Reviews

Rudy Gallagher

This was my second order in over a month and a half, and the vegetarian wraps this time were leathery and didn't taste as fresh as the first.
Mar 19,2022 Flag

Jo Carter

THE BEST Gift I'VE EVER MADE! These items are great for wrapping. A fantastic replacement for my tortillas.
Mar 19,2022 Flag

Sidney King

For years, I've been a fan of Wrawp's entire line of products. They're tasty and easy to take with you when you're on the run. I strongly advise anyone to visit the site and shop. You will not be dissatisfied.
Mar 19,2022 Flag

Chris Stone

Coconut wraps with spirulina are one of my favorites. Tacos, sweet crpes, quesadillas, sandwiches, and sushi are among my favorites. Perfect for folks who don't consume wheat or sugar, like me. The order was delivered really quickly!
Mar 19,2022 Flag

Bailey Duncan

Shipping is really slow, and the package has yet to arrive. I believe I will order a different brand. I'm responding to your response below. My things arrived after almost two weeks. Spend your money elsewhere and with a different company.
Mar 19,2022 Flag

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