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  • Affordable Prices
  • Decent Customer Support
  • Great Deals
  • Poor User Exprience
  • Most Customers Claiming Shipping Problem
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3.35 stars based on 5 Reviews

Fran Dawson

You should double-check that your subscription is indeed cancelled when you deactivate it. Because they are going to charge you again and again. And no matter what evidence you provide, they will claim it is your responsibility.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Ali Byrne

They withdrew the money out of the account and never sent anything, thus they were scammed again. That's what happens when you give somebody a second opportunity.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Steff Cooke

Shipping is slow, and you won't get a tracking number until it's on its way to you.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Jordan King

I really enjoy zamplebox. At the age of 21, my son hooked me on vaping. I told him to do his homework, andI'd start buying them online, which he did, and he came across zamplebox. Then he let me sample some tastes, and I became hooked on this website as well.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

Gail Burns

I attempted to adjust the renewal date, but it was turned down. Then I tried to cancel, but it appears that it wants a comment, which I couldn't submit on the website because it required a comment.
Mar 15,2022 Flag

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