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30+ Best Free Alternatives to Google Analytics in 2023

Are you searching for the Best Free Alternatives to Google Analytics? Google Analytics Tool is the most widely used analytics tool, but it is not always the best option for a Growth Marketing Strategist. There are problems with loading, privacy, and accuracy. Maybe it is time to leave Google Analytics Tools and try out the following new feature-filled analytics tools to gain insight into how well your growth marketing efforts are performing.

For a long time, Google Analytics tools have been a major part of the analytics community, no other free product comes close to measuring what this tool can do. However, it is quite intrusive, and it has been proved that it collects data from websites. This means it is a poor choice if you value your users’ online privacy. In that scenario, we have the perfect comparison list of 30+ Best Free Alternatives to Google Analytics in 2022 that handle data and privacy more carefully. Before sharing the lists, let’s identify some Limitations of Google Analytics.

The following are the Drawbacks of using Google Analytics Tools :

  • To understand the complexities of Google Analytics, you must “learn about Google Analytics.” Unfortunately, finding the right resources online can be difficult, and tutorials can be confusing, time-consuming, or overwhelming for those without a basic analytical background.

  • Because most people don’t use the paid version of Google Analytics, not all the traffic is tracked in every report. Although some reports’ precision can be increased manually, it does not apply to all.

  • The free version of Google Analytics is suitable for almost all users, but if your web traffic is high, and you want to upgrade to the premium version, the cost is $150,000.

  • Google Analytics is not always a reliable tool. In some cases, bot traffic is reported as legitimate traffic in the Google Analytics dashboard. Google cannot track specific sites. As a result, any information provided should be considered approximate.

  • The platform’s overall feel may be overwhelming. There are numerous dashboards, settings, user views, and metrics to choose from.

1. Adobe Analytics:

Adobe Analytics allows you to record all actions performed on your site and then generate reports using Excel formatting tools customized to your specific needs. The panels display detailed user information, such as every action your visitors take, what they purchase, their profiles, and so on. Adobe Analytics provides real-time data that can be used to unlock business direction based on accurate customer intelligence, trends, and behaviors.

2. ShopperChecked: (Best Alternatives to Google Analytics Tools)

ShopperChecked is a review platform where you can browse for any companies and post real reviews about companies whose goods or services you’re interested in, as well as those of review businesses you’ve used or purchased. Shopperchecked encourages Reviewers to share their thoughts with businesses as well as with their peers.

Following that, businesses can respond to the comments and use their feedback to improve their services. ShopperChecked establishes a community where people from various backgrounds can interact with each other to enhance their experiences. It is not at all simple to collect reviews for your website and present them correctly, but Shopperchecked does just that.

Finding a lot of important information and experience about a business could be exhausting for the user and vice versa. Business owners can properly arrange authentic reviews, and a user can post original facts regarding the website’s product or services. People who read the reviews can also get an honest impression of the goods/services of a website.

3. Heap (3rd Free Alternatives to Google Analytics)

Heap is another web analytics platform that records every user interaction on a website, including page views, link clicks, comments, and other actions. You can use the tool to track events and create sales funnels to better understand user flow and drop-off. It also includes tools for visualizing trends over time. Even users with no technical knowledge will find the tool simple to use and deploy. Heap also tracks and monitors activity on your website, analyzing it and creating a list of the most common events. This flexibility allows you to identify and categorize the action as you see appropriate.

4. Chartbeat (4th Best Alternatives to Google Analytics)

Chartbeat is a content analytics platform that collects and visualizes real-time insights about reader engagement by centralizing data from your distributed audience. The platform was designed to track how audiences interact with a company’s published content. Users can understand and assess the effectiveness of their content across multiple channels, platforms, and devices. Chartbeat recognizes top-performing articles, trending stories, and how far down the page visitors are scrolling, so you can tailor the user experience accordingly.

5. Kissmetrics (5th Best Alternatives to Google Analytics)

Kissmetrics is a cutting-edge business analytics platform that uses behavioral analytics to segment a company’s customers. It allows users to generate real-time and actionable insights in order to better engage with their customers. Its customer engagement automation aims to help businesses obtain, maintain, and grow more customers. This solution combines behavioral analytics and email campaign automation. With behavior-based, exact emails that keep customers engaged, you can target the right customer segments.

6. Clicky (6th Best Alternatives to Google Analytics)

Clicky provides detailed, real-time metrics for your websites. Because of its user-friendliness and ease of implementation, the platform is regarded as one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics. It allows for quick and relevant data viewing in real-time with high-level filtering, allowing users to instantly extract insights and act on them. You can see how many visitors are on your site and on the page you’re viewing with onsite analysis. You can also use the widget to launch heatmaps without leaving your site.

7. Amplitude Analytics (7th Best Alternatives to Google Analytics)

Amplitude is a product analytics company that offers tools for analyzing user behavior and delivering the features that drive business results. The company has grown at a rate of more than 30% per quarter and is now used by over 5,000 companies, including PayPal, Microsoft,, and Twitter. Amplitude also helps product teams understand their business and marketing intelligence. The website is well-designed to meet your specific analytical requirements.

8. Quantcast (8th Best Alternatives to Google Analytics)

Quantcast provides a tool suite that includes audience analytics, digital advertising, and conventional web analytics. The tool, which is designed for agencies, brands, and publishers, allows marketers to gain more insight into their audience as well as how well their campaigns perform. Quantcast is now also leading the charge to make sure that analytics and digital advertising remain relevant in the absence of third-party cookies, making it an excellent choice for privacy-conscious businesses.

9. FoxMetrics (9th Best Alternatives to Google Analytics)

FoxMetrics is the behavioral data platform tool that combines web analytics with more comprehensive marketing analytics to provide a single customer view. You can track users, page views, sessions, and custom events with the tool, as well as out-of-the-box marketing analytics subdivided by product, campaign, and much more across all channels. On a unified platform, managers can collect data from various sources and gain an overview of the customer journey. It offers numerous customizing and conversion tools. Based on their behavior, you can create distinct categories of your visitors.

10. Statcounter

Statcounter is a visitor analytics platform designed to help business owners keep track of the most important data from their websites. The platform includes analytics dashboards as well as real-time conversion, landing page, and paid traffic analysis. Statcounter also lets you see a real-time feed of visitors to your site and replay previous user sessions. StatCounter does not hide your visitors’ IP addresses in terms of privacy, but it does anonymize them. Organizations can use Statcounter to gain navigation paths, browsing activities, behavior, and engagement.

11. Finteza

Finteza is an analytics tool that provides real-time advanced web traffic analytics. They enables companies to gain a better knowledge of user activity and more efficiently manage advertising campaigns. Finteza helps websites in addressing some of the most pressing concerns in web traffic analysis.

Furthermore, Finteza provides detailed reports on your audience’s characteristics, starting with the device type and model they are using when viewing your site, the provider, browser, IP, geographical location, and language, all without invading their privacy. Finteza offers a 30-day free trial to all new customers. They can then choose a paid plan.

12. Hotjar

Hotjar is a comparatively new web analytics tool which has proven to be highly useful for marketers and businesses looking to gain a better understanding of how users interact with their websites. They successfully integrate several analytics tools and capabilities, as well as a variety of feedback mechanisms, into a clear solution.

It uses a variety of ways to track user activity, such as visitor recordings, and heatmaps. Hotjar also collects useful feedback from users through polls, surveys, and other techniques. Hotjar does not limit the number of people on your team who can use the platform. Furthermore, all of their features work flawlessly on both mobile and desktop.

13. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a tool that measures, analyzes, and helps websites with client retention. It’s a really helpful tool for websites that want to know how their customers interact with their site and the products sold on it, so that website owners can gain a better understanding of their customers’ behavior, identify recent trends, and finally base their decisions on the data collected.

Aside from the powerful analytics, Mixpanel allows customers to view easy and extensive traffic data, generate cohorts, develop funnels, and much more. The company has a free plan as well as several paid plans, based on the type of business you run and your demands.

14. Indicative

Indicative offers’ cohort analysis and person insights to help websites improve their features. It also offers segment, which personalizes the experiences of each visitor. The only product analytics software that connects directly to your cloud data warehouse. They were created exclusively for Growth Marketers, Product Managers, and Data Analyst groups to engage, convert, and retain consumers. They combine all of your data sources (such as mobile apps, websites, CRM systems, and so on) to allow complicated data analysis by both technical and non-technical teams. There is no need for coding or SQL skills.

15. Oribi

Oribi assists businesses all over the world in understanding their statistics. It also doesn’t require any experts, tag managers, or code. Oribi provides you with actionable information in just one click. Insights that help you make better business decisions and achieve results. With this innovative analytics tool, you can quickly build and analyze funnels, determine which sources convert the best, and even identify where you’re losing leads. Oribi uses Magic Events to tackle the issues. Magic Events enables anyone to track certain events with a few mouse clicks. Simply select the event type, and Oribi will present you with a selection of possibilities.

16. GoSquared

This online analytics tool provides real-time insights on your website traffic, allowing you to regularly measure your marketing efforts with daily email reports. These reports provide important metrics such as traffic volume, traffic surges, bounce rate, and downtime. Analyze every user on your website, including traffic source, their location, pages seen, and activities performed.

Then, optimize your website to bring in more customers. GoSquared Analytics is completely in compliance with GDPR and includes plenty of privacy-related features to keep your users safe.

17. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is a web analytics tool that helps to track and analyze how users interact with your websites. This web analytics tool also has built-in support for control and tracing WordPress sites. You can analyze where your visitors spend their time on your site by watching their mouse trails and heatmaps. OWA offers data such as the number of unique visitors, the duration of their session, and the bounce rate. It also helps you to add targets. OWA also has built-in tracking support for websites created with major content managerial functions, such as MediaWiki and WordPress.


This online analytics tool can assist you in better understanding your audience and what they think about. It delivers real-time content performance tracking statistics to assist you in understanding what content works best for your audience. is used by many brands, and marketers to find content that will engage and increase their audiences. Aside from analyzing content performance, it also provides insights into your traffic source and how you may optimize their user experience.

19. Clicktale

Clicktale is another powerful platform that rates among the best website analytics tools on the market. It allows you to see your visitors’ experiences through their perspective. Clicktale gives important visitor data to you in the form of detailed statistics, heatmaps, and individual session recordings. Heatmaps show how visitors interact with your website’s product pages, navigation menus, and shopping cart. This data can be used to identify improve user experience, website issues, and conversions, and decrease cart abandonment. Furthermore, the platform provides form analytics to identify the most frequently filled-out fields. With ClickTale’s site efficiency features, you can get bounce reports and JS problems reports.

20. Etracker

This analytics tool is available in several languages, including Spanish, English, French, and German. It offers you with website visitor data in real time. It is also suitable with WordPress, ePages, and Drupal sites as a plugin. You may acquire more information about your visitors’ journeys faster and easily with etracker. Using integrated heatmaps, you can see which parts they use the most and where they scroll. It allows you to track the success of your marketing activities. Identify which products your users see, which products they remove from their shopping carts, and which product categories or subcategories are most effective.

21. BrightEdge

This online analytics tool uses artificial intelligence to help businesses understand what their customers are looking for. It helps you in identifying popular topics, the type of material your audience prefers, how to optimize it, and the performance of your published content. BrightEdge is being used by SEO professionals, digital and content marketers, and businesses to leverage on content market requirements. This web analytics tool can help you analyze important low-competition keywords that can help you enhance your site’s position. This off-site solution offers a selection of premium options, as well as a free demo before purchasing.

22. Histats

Histats is a simple online analytics tool that generates simple reports on your site’s visitor behavior. It offers real-time visitor full historical logs, statistics, comparisons, and custom targeting. It is a free software application that displays your most popular pages, most recent visitors, visitors’ location, top active visitors. Per account, you can track up to 300 sites. Histats also shows the browsers your users are using to access your site, as well as which toolbars and hardware they are using. Histats will also split the information based on the language of your visitors if your site is multilingual.

23. W3Counter

W3Counter is a compelling online analytics tool that generates simple web stats reports to track your visitor behavior. See who visited your site, how they got there, the languages they speak, and the devices they used to get there. Using this web analytics tool, analyze the content they’re looking for on your site. You may use your insights to engage them, enhance conversions, and drive more sales.

If you have little traffic right now and don’t mind having a visible W3Counter badge on your site, you can use the tool for free. Unfortunately, this also implies that your use of the analytics package is subsidized by advertising, which may or may not be suitable depending on the type of your organization.

24. GoingUp

GoingUp offers a variety of powerful off-site web analytics tools to help you optimize the performance of your website. It’s a free online solution that gives you real-time web metrics such as visitor location, visitor maps, traffic trends, and referring keywords.

It also offers SEO tools and page optimization features to assist you in engaging, attracting, and keeping website visitors. GoingUp’s SEO features include keyword density and position tracking. A page optimization tool is also available to help you improve your heat map results. It also helps you in monitoring and improving your Google PageRank and Alexa Rank.

25. Fathom

Fathom is a Canadian analytics tool that prioritizes speed, privacy, and simplicity. One of its biggest advantages is that it directs traffic from EU nations through EU-based servers, ensuring that your website is always GDPR-compliant. Furthermore, Fathom protects your visitor’s digital IDs by using hashing to generate unique signatures for each.

This means you may collect data and analysis for your website without following your visitors’ digital footprint across the web, which eliminates the need for a cookie consent banner. In terms of analytics, you can view your information in real-time or over a defined time period.

26. Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is a simple web analytics tool that gathers information about your website to help you understand what’s working and what’s not in terms of traffic. The dashboard’s main focus is a graph showing the data you’re now seeing from a selected timeframe.

The total number of visitors is always displayed, but you can change the traffic source to specific pages on your website, referring websites, browsers, device types, and countries. Since it does not employ cookies, Simple Analytics is an excellent choice for privacy. It also avoids ad blockers.

27. Plausible

Plausible Analytics is a small online analytics solution designed for site owners that value their privacy. The platforms offer access to a number of vital statistics that businesses can use to better their user experience. Plausible Analytics is very easy to use and can be linked with well known tools like WordPress, Ghost, Weebly, & Squarespace.

Plausible Analytics’ built-in API provides a simple approach to obtain company statistics forward statistics, programmatically, and show them in various styles as desired. The tool also allows customers to watch traffic with monthly as well as weekly reports and receive real-time alerts about hacking activities.

28. Mint (Best Google Analytics Tools)

If you are capable and ready to run your web analytics tool yourself, Mint should be considered. The analytics cover every page view, with a distinct listing distinguishing between unique visitors. You’ll also receive information on the referrals that brought visitors to your site, which Mint categorizes for you. The categories are most recently used referrals, the newest referral, and repeat suggestions.

This data shows you how users find your site the most frequently, as well as when new backlinks from externally are created. Mint also has a pages area, which lists the most popular and recently seen content. A bird feed tool is also available, which tracks trends, subscriptions, and click-through rates for each item.

29. Piwik (Best Google Analytics Tools)

If none of the other web analytics solutions we’ve listed have convinced you, Piwik might be what you’re searching for. Its advantages over other open source web analytics tools such as Open Web Analysis is its simplicity of installation and configuration. Piwik allows to automatically erase old data if you wish to keep your storage space clear.

However, you may need to access that data later, which is why the program allows you to export your reports in a variety of file formats, including XML, PHP, and Excel. The ability to restrict traffic, URLs, and IP addresses without first navigating to your firewall is one of the revolutionary features almost entirely unique to Piwik. If you detect any click fraud, you can instantly prevent that user from accessing your site again.

30. Angelfish

ActualMetrics’ Angelfish is a secure, on-site web analytics application that allows you to track website visitor activities. It is one of the most secure online analytics tools because all of your data is kept within your network. You have full access to visitor information such as usernames, IP addresses, travel paths, and marketing responses. It also provides information on user segments, traffic spikes, hidden visitor tracking, and site errors. You’ll also get information about hidden visitors, who block analytics codes for a variety of reasons, which Google Analytics doesn’t even try to solve.

31. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a strong web analytics tool. Its mouse-tracking technology will provide you with a detailed image of how users surf your website or study a specific point in the buyer’s journey where customers are dropping off. Crazy Egg is a strong web analytics tool. The tool includes heatmaps to help you understand average browsing behavior on your site, as well as website recordings to focus on specific sessions and A/B testing tools to help you measure the impact of website modifications on user behavior.

32. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a data analysis platform that collects information about a website’s traffic, performance, and other features from hundreds of different sources and aggregates it into a single set of data. Clients can use SimilarWeb’s platform to see current market trends and what techniques can be used to increase overall success and revenue.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, SimilarWeb provides a variety of alternatives. SimilarWeb has a solution for you, whether you want to expand your business through marketing solutions, learn more about your competition and the overall industry so you can make the best strategic decisions, or simply improve your sales.


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