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1 stars based on 1 Reviews


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Go to Better Business Bureau or Yelp! Look at the reviews, I wish I had!! Do your research. They take advantage of peoples dreams. They ask you to do reviews on Trust Pilot when you just start so they get a good one and then never finish or give you an unusable or no good app. I started this app in 2017. They said it would take 3-4 mnths. Its now 2021. In the store not able to purchase, was told to tell customers to go around it to my website that "Apple wont find out they never check" Old equipment my website went down for years. I paid my own coders to help them, they cost me wasted years and alot of money. They are not professional and when they don't know how to fix something they dont respond. When I disputed additional fees they charged so that I would have access to my own website co owner said " As part owner of the company I have every right to be involved. The amount that you have been charged is for partial payment of this months server and a service fee. You apparently dont understand the amount and of time and money that you cause our company. If you choose to do a charge back we will then have no other choice but to stop our services" You are stuck because they have your money and app. So without the money you have no app and the app they give is either not completed or not working correctly. They are rude and do not respond. They have now said in 2021 that my website is expired and I have to create another app. They moved my website from Godaddy in 2017 where it was safe to their server where it kept crashing for years. Now in 2021 they say it expired to start a new app... sooooo more money?? What ANOTHER 4 years!!!! I have gone to someone else that said I should've known it doesnt take 5 years to create and app. I am not tech smart, they take advantage of people. They make you sign paperwork so you cant sue. Look at all the reviews they are all the same. You get an app that doesnt work. They take your money, dont respond and try to frustrate you and give you something that doesn't work so you go somewhere else. They win every time, but its wrong and they will eventually be stopped. Please read the reviews if you have a dream go to a reputable company, don't let them waste years of your time and money.
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