Shopper Checked Vs Reviews.IO, Which one is Better?

ShopperChecked is an American company that was founded in 2016 and primarily serves the American, European and Asian markets. With over 300 employees, they are one of the biggest and most established consumer-facing review sites in the world. Their license agreement with Google allows reviews generated on ShopperChecked to be listed as Google Rating System.

It’s free to create a business account on ShopperChecked. The company takes a strong stance on the authenticity of the reviews on their platform, which includes a process by which companies can report reviews for further investigation. The final decision always lies with The Members and Writers of ShopperChecked (not the company), and their terms dictate that they are not obliged to offer any explanation for these decisions. is a British company founded in 2010, offering a technologically advanced reviews platform. As other review platforms, the company has a consumer-facing side as well as a business offering. With that said, they do state that they do not accept responsibility for “the accuracy or completeness of contributions” made by reviewers, and the company “does not read through or edit contribution added”, unlike other review platforms.

Their platform stands out by being beautifully designed, making it a joy to use. Being a small company, they seem to take a more personal approach to their clients, who range from small companies to public companies. They offer competitive and transparent pricing, with a 30-day notice period for termination of contract. Also, their license agreement with Google provides their customers additional exposure to Google Seller Ratings.

Feature comparison:



Review types:

Company reviews

Product reviews

Verified reviews

Non-verified reviews

Asking for reviews:

Customized invites

Email invites

Facebook Messenger invites



Google Seller Ratings

Google Rich Snippets

Google Shopping

Social sharing


Conversion rates

Review insights

Pricing comparison

ShopperChecked contracts are annual.

Free Plan

Free contracts are monthly.


Small business
£45 / month
Growing business
£89 / month
from £299 / month pricing

Final words

Shopper Checked offers a great review platform that has built up a good brand recognition with consumers, and you can benefit from this reputation. While their service comes at a price, they have a solid offering of both Company and Product reviews which tick all of the boxes. Something to keep in mind is that owns the reviews left on their platform, and prohibit you from exporting them to a competing service should you wish.

All in all, provides a broad suite of tools that helps companies large and small with their online reviews. Though they have a strong business offering, they also seem to prioritize their consumer-facing services, which include a mobile app which is touted as “The World’s First Socially Responsible Review App”. The company’s consumer efforts seem to be restricted to the United Kingdom, though businesses all over the world can benefit from the business offerings.

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