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About WowVendor:

World of Warcraft PvE & PvP services: Battle of Dazar’Alor Heroic and Mythic Boost, Mythic +15 runs, Island Expeditions, 110-120 Powerleveling, Mounts, Artifact power farm, Arena & RBG rating, Coaching and other services!

Why WoW, carry service?

It Saves your time and makes the game more enjoyable. Farming is a time-consuming and tedious activity. Since the early vanilla days, players have dreaded spending countless hours doing the same thing over and over again to get pets, achievements, and mounts. Have you ever wondered how many hours you wasted farming over the years? Probably too much. Here we don’t think that’s the best way of playing the game. That’s why we’ve started the professional WoW carry company to give you more time to play WoW the way you want to.

Raiding is the most exciting part of WoW. Unfortunately, a myriad of barriers may get in your way of experiencing that activity. Good raiding guilds have strict joining requirements while raiders need to commit to a weekly schedule and have high ilvl gear. Besides, spending three nights a week and performing under pressure while raiding are other challenges for most of the players. Pug groups have ridiculous demands, and they can often be unreliable, not to speak of LFR.

In most cases, casual players miss out on raiding because of real life commitments. They believe that everyone should have the chance to raid. Driven by that idea, we enable you to take advantage of our carry services. The raid carries in WoW is an easy way to enjoy the campaign and obtain the achievements that prove your success.

Raids in World of Warcraft are fun when you play your favorite role, class, and specialization. But what if your character was nerfed, and now you’re forced to respect in the flavor of the month class to keep your raid spot? Or are you playing a DPS/healer but never get to that DPS because the guild is always short on healers? Be sure their WowVendor boosting team will never force you into the unwanted role.



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