Best Web Development Companies In Kolkata

Are you looking for the Best Web Development Companies in Kolkata to build your website? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Because we have done a lot of research and verified the quality of service of the company, we have listed the 10 Best Web Development Companies in Kolkata in this article, which is bound to give you the opportunity to choose the authentic service from the right place. There is also complete information about companies, which will help you a lot.

If you are looking for the Best Web Development Companies in Kolkata, then this article will definitely help you. You can also know the best service packages for these companies.

1. SEO Ninja Softwares: Web Development Companies

If you want to make your website the right fit for your business, SEONinjaSoftwares can be no substitute. Because they are the king of the web designing industry. SEO Ninja Softwares is a team of highly recommended, trusted, and authentic service providers who are aware of the needs of the customers and offer the right service as per the need. Customers trust them to grow their website. As a result, they properly offer and apply web and brand design strategies, the targeted audience is captivated and the brand values are added in the right way.

Notable among the services provided by them are Local SEO, Web Design, Android App Development, Organic Search(SEO), Paid Search(PPC), and Social Media Services. So their web designing service is enough to turn your website into a money-making sales machine. Because they’ve helped set up countless small businesses over the last 7+ years. At SEO Ninja Software, they work closely with customers to better understand the business needs of their clients and believe in a high level of control over their clients’ finished products.

2. Websys: Web Development Companies

Websys is a Web Development Company in Kolkata, capable of providing the best services to its customers through knowledge-based solutions. If you are looking for the Best Web Development Companies in Kolkata, you must have Websys name on your list. Because they are also a very old team in this field and a skilled service provider. They are a privately owned company established in 2004. Headquartered in Kolkata, WB, they also have a network presence across other states of India.

Best among their services are, Web Designing, Web Programming, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Ecommerce Web Development, Template Design, I.T. Solutions, and many more. Among their designing services, you will find Static HTML Website Design, Responsive Website Design, Logo Design, Website Maintenance, Brochure Design, WordPress Themes Template, etc. which will help you to manage your website properly. You will also notice many more premium quality services by accessing their website and you will be able to choose the service according to your needs.

3. PromotEdge: Web Development Companies

As a brilliant and integrated branding, creative, and top digital marketing company based in Kolkata, India, PromotEdge offers premium and booming digital marketing, online branding, and advertising solution services to countless customers worldwide. They claim that they are an advanced creative cum digital agency led by mostly professional and curious people. They are fully responsible for all the comprehensive and integrated suitable marketing solutions that give their brands and services a competitive advantage.

If you want to enjoy the service from them for your website, then you must visit their website and choose the best service. The services that customers can avail of them are, Creative Designing, Web Solutions, Digital Marketing, and Audio Visual. These are their service categories, but you’ll find more services if you enter the category. In Creative Design they provide various logo designing services, through Web Solutions they offer work or designing of different websites. They have also many more services with Digital Marketing and Audio Visual.

4. DreamzInteractive: Web Development Companies

The 4th website on our list is DreamzInteractive, which is another established and efficient Web Development Companies in Kolkata. They started their career in 2005 and now they are a more professional team. They are basically a Kolkata based web development company. If you haven’t had the right experience using many services, then DreamzInteractive may be the best choice for you. Because they are 100% transparent about serving their customers. As a result, they are a team that excels in terms of service.

They have professional web developers and designers who have many years of experience in the web industry. DreamzInteractive are providing a lot of premium services from their website, Website Design, Web Application Development, Ecommerce Website Development, Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, Digital Marketing, Graphics and Logo Design, etc. They also specialize in HTML, E-Commerce, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Jquery, MySql, CMS, Joomla, etc. with high-quality web designing. So they are able to play an effective role in making your website interesting and informative.

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5. NextScreen:

NextScreen is one of the Best Web Development companies in Kolkata founded in 2010. They are one of the leading digital marketing companies in India, offering web design and logo design services. They claim that their out-of-the-box solutions make them the most trusted IT partner of customers in their industry. If you need innovative and user-friendly digital solutions, they are a great option. They carefully organize and improve their project management tactics in order to increase their productivity as a low-cost service provider.

NextScreen is a skilled team in this field to make your website the best and most accurate information for your business. You will get numerous options from them to choose the service according to your needs. Logo & Graphics Design, Web Design, Web Development, and Digital Marketing service are available in their list. But if you want to know about many more features of this service, you must visit their website. Because they have listed their websites into categories, which will help you to the fullest.

6. HexaDesigns:

HexaDesigns is a Kolkata-based Web Design and Software Development company that offers affordable services. They have their head office in the southern part of Santashpur town, from where they provide worldwide services. HexaDesigns was founded in 2000 and from 2006 to 2013 their team also operated as a 100% export-oriented unit under a special economic zone. They also claim that during this period they only provided services outside India, so they are still able to maintain the right quality of service. Apart from India, they also provide services in the UK, Australia, and America.

If you want to grow your business more and want to build a responsive, user-friendly website, HexaDesigns is one of them that offers premium service at an affordable price. The main services they provide are Website Design, Web Application Development, Software Development, Ecommerce Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Website Hosting. If you choose HexaDesigns, you will have the opportunity to choose the best service for your business.

7. WebTechsolz:

They are a professional team of creative web developers and designers who are dedicated to providing the best cyber experiences and promoting digital growth. They were founded in 2008, also they are an innovator web design treasure for providing top-notch web development services. Also, many customers stated that they provide service at an affordable price.

They mainly focus on Web Design & Development Services, Graphic Design & Branding, Mobile App Services, Ecommerce Services, and SEO Services. If you only want to build a professional and responsive website for your business, you can choose their Web Design & Development Services. Because they claim that they provide exclusive service at a reasonable price.

8. Digital Web Avenue:

In this article, we have listed the 8th website as Digital Web Avenue. They began their career in 2011 and they are now definitely one of Kolkata’s best website design companies. They claim that they offer the best quality web designing and development service in the market, which helps them to stay a fantastic service provider. Although they are very fast to build any website in WordPress, Opencart, Joomla, Magento, etc platforms within a very short time.

For creating any website you need to take care of data which is the main essential issue. But if you don’t know how to create a website and design it perfectly, you need to contact or visit the Digital Web Avenue website. They mainly offer Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce Development, Digital Marketing, CMS Website, Software Development, Theming and Integration, and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

9. Idiosys:

Idiosys Technologies claims to deliver high-quality, well-planned solutions to meet a wide range of customer demands. Their talented and dedicated staff creates one-of-a-kind designs and development. They provide software development services for many sectors around the world as a leading software exporting company in India. Their approaches are useful in web-based, creative, and progressive work.

They provide professional developer teams with knowledge of the most recent technology. Their developers’ outsourcing team uses your selected technology stack and top talents to create secure and scalable software. The services they provide from their website are, Web Development, App Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and Web Hosting.

10. Purpleno:

In this article our 10th website is Purpleno, they are a website design company in Kolkata, India. They are providing authentic services relating to Web and Graphic Design for the last 9 years. If you want a premium service package at an affordable price, you need to visit their website.

Purpleno’s developer understands how critical it is when someone accesses your website. As a result, they are presented by professional images rather than corny images taken from Pinterest or other social media networks like Instagram, where everyone looks to be more attractive because faults aren’t visible. They mainly focus on Web design, E-Commerce, SEO, and digital marketing services.


Nowadays it is a difficult task to find a trustworthy and professional web development company. Because in the present time fraudulent is the main problem in the internet world. There are many cases filed against fraud web designing companies who are actually not from tech or any web development companies. We hope this article will help you find the Best Web Development Companies in Kolkata.


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