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How do I Get a ShopperChecked Profile?

You can create a profile on ShopperChecked in a simple way. So you need to visit ShopperChecked(https://shopperchecked.com/) website and sign up. You can also sign up with us using:

  • Facebook account
  • Email address
  • Google account

When you make a purchase or have a service experience with a company, you can also create a profile. Some companies may ask you to write a review for them.

How can I be able to Change the Information in My Profile?

Update your profile and manage your account in My Settings after you’ve signed in to ShopperChecked. Point to your name on the home page, then click My Settings from the menu.

How do I Write a Review?

You have already signed up. Logged in. Have read many reviews. You also have experience. So you can share your experience by writing a review here.

  • On the Company Profile page, you need to click the “Review Company” button.
  • Choose the number of stars you like to give the business.
  • Write the title on the “Title of your review” box and write your review in the “Your review” box.
  • Now click on the “Post your review now” button.

You can also write reviews for a business before creating a profile on ShopperChecked. But you must register to publish the review.

You successfully wrote and posted a review? Your review will help other users form the right idea about the product or business. Hope you got useful information from Shopperchecked Business Reviews.


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